The Coworking-Space on Gran Canaria located right at the beach

the place for digital nomads
in Gran Canaria at the beach

As a digital agency from Germany, we discovered the benefits of workation and working remotely pretty early. Which place could be better than the sunny south of Gran Canaria, where even in winter rain and cold temperatures seem to be only a myth?

In 2021, we decided to create a beautiful coworking space on Gran Canaria for our employees, friends and all digital nomads on the island – right here at Meloneras Beach. Open 24/7 – for your best ideas.

Nomads offers you fast internet up to 600 mb/s, one of six work desks, free coffee and a changing room in the back to get ready for the beach.

You get full access to the coworking space in Meloneras after booking your desk online here. Then you can open the door easily using an app and the access code we will send you. Just don’t forget to close the door and turn off the lights (via app of course) when you’re leaving. Besides that – you have nothing to worry about!

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Frequently asked questions


Our office has comfortable chairs and desks, a coffee machine and fast internet. There is also a small changing room in the back of the office. 

With a code sent to you after booking, you will have 24/7 access to the office. So you can work there when and how long you want.

Most of it is available for you in the office. The only thing you need is your laptop and charging cable.

You can book single days, weeks or even months. There is no minimum or maximum duration that you can book. As long as there is free capacity, you can stay as long as you want.

Only other nomads can access the office via our app. If you want to leave the office for a short time during the working day, you can store your valuables on the cupboard or in the changing room. We don’t have any lockers in the office.

There is a supermarket just around the corner. There are also many restaurants near the office, the famous “La Ruta” for the afternoon and a couple of clubs right at the beach for the evening. The office does not have its own kitchen.

Right next to the office are clean, public toilets that are cleaned every day. You will find a shower directly on the beach. The office does not have a private bathroom.